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Lesson 1 Introduction to Multimedia
1.0 Aims and Objectives
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Elements of Multimedia System
1.3 Categories of Multimedia.
1.4 Features of Multimedia
1.5 Applications of Multimedia System.
1.6 Convergence of Multimedia System.
1.7 Stages of Multimedia Application Development
1.8 Let us sum up.
1.9 Lesson-end activities
1.10 Model answers to “Check your progress”
1.11 References
1.0 Aims and Objectives
In this lesson we will learn the preliminary concepts of Multimedia. We will discuss the various benefits and applications of multimedia. After going through this chapter the reader will be able to :

i) define multimedia
ii) list the elements of multimedia
iii) enumerate the different applications of multimedia
iv) describe the different stages of multimedia software development 1.1 Introduction
Multimedia has become an inevitable part of any presentation. It has found a variety of applications right from entertainment to education. The evolution of internet has also increased the demand for multimedia content.

Multimedia is the media that uses multiple forms of information content and information processing (e.g. text, audio, graphics, animation, video, interactivity) to inform or entertain the user. Multimedia also refers to the use of electronic media to store and experience multimedia content. Multimedia is similar to traditional mixed media in fine art, but with a broader scope. The term "rich media" is synonymous for interactive multimedia.

Multimedia Systems- M.Sc(IT)
1.2 Elements of Multimedia System
Multimedia means that computer information can be represented through audio, graphics, image, video and animation in addition to traditional media(text and graphics). Hypermedia can be considered as one type of particular multimedia application. Multimedia is a combination of content forms:

Multimedia Systems- M.Sc(IT)
1.3 Categories of Multimedia
Multimedia may be broadly divided into linear and non-linear categories. Linear active content progresses without any navigation control for the viewer such as a cinema presentation. Non-linear content offers user interactivity to control progress as used with a computer game or used in self-paced computer based training. Non-linear content is also known as hypermedia content.

Multimedia presentations can be live or recorded. A recorded presentation may allow interactivity via a navigation system. A live multimedia presentation may allow interactivity via interaction with the presenter or performer. Multimedia Systems- M.Sc(IT)

1.4 Features of Multimedia
Multimedia presentations may be viewed in person on stage, projected, transmitted, or played locally with a media player. A broadcast may be a live or recorded multimedia presentation. Broadcasts and recordings can be either analog or digital electronic media technology. Digital online multimedia may be downloaded or streamed. Streaming multimedia may be live or on-demand.

Multimedia games and simulations may be used in a physical environment with special effects, with multiple users in an online network, or locally with an offline computer, game system, or simulator.

Enhanced levels of interactivity are made possible by combining multiple forms of media content But depending on what multimedia content you have it may vary Online multimedia is increasingly becoming object-oriented and data-driven, enabling applications with collaborative end-user innovation and personalization on multiple forms of content over time. Examples of these range from multiple forms of content on web sites like photo galleries with both images (pictures) and title (text) user-updated, to simulations whose co-efficient, events, illustrations, animations or videos are modifiable, allowing the multimedia "experience" to be altered without reprogramming. 1.5 Applications of Multimedia

Multimedia finds its application in various areas including, but...
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