Media Production

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Media Production
There are many things to consider when creating a film, music video or animation. How much will it cost? Who needs to be employed? How long will it take? These are the main questions that need to be answered before anyone even begins to create a piece of media. Personnel

Producers are the main individuals in television, film and video production. The initial idea for a project often comes from a producer, who will oversee each project from beginning to end and may also be involved in the funding, marketing and distribution processes. A producer or executive producer is meant to report directly to the client (the person who wants the film/music video created). Producers work closely with directors and the other production staff on the media piece. Most of the time, they need to have directing skills themselves as it is likely that the producer will also be the director and take care of all of the production operations. Producers arrange funding for each project and are responsible for keeping the production within the allocated budget. Directors

Directors are responsible for the look, sound and style of a film or media piece. Their job usually starts when they receive the script, although in some cases the director may also be the scriptwriter. It is the director's ‘artistic vision’ that will guide the work of the crew as they look for the right locations, hire the cast, design the sets, sound and lighting, and finally edit and dub the finished recording. Typical work activities include:

-interpreting the script;
-directing actors;
-managing technical details, such as camera shots and the use of lighting; -making final decisions about location and design;
-talking with the producer at certain stages, for example, when editing the final 'cut'; -managing the work of the other production staff and delegating tasks accordingly to create the final production.

A scriptwriter is a person who writes scripts. A script is a written version of a piece of media. Scripts are written for TV shows, movies, commercials and plays. A scriptwriter writes scripts for anything that requires one including internet show and podcasts. A scriptwriter produces content for radio, television broadcast, movies, theatre and other types of performance. As with all writers, scriptwriters conduct research on their topics in various ways: personal observation, library and Internet research and interviews. Writers then pick the research material they want to use, organize it and use the written word to express storylines and ideas or to convey information. This research is needed so the storyline can be historically accurate if needs be (such as ‘King Arthur’ or ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’). Casting director

A casting director is responsible for helping to gather a number of actors or actresses for a given role to fit the script and directors vision of the performance. The casting director reads the script and meets with the producer, director and sometimes the writer, to get an idea of the "type" of person a given role calls for. Once this is determined, the casting director begins auditioning. They will meet with any number of individuals and begin narrowing down the field. Once a handful of hopefuls have been identified, the casting director then presents them to the director, producer or writer of the project. Casting directors meet with thousands of actors over the course of a given year. They must determine whether an actor fits the look of a character as well as whether or not that particular actor would be believable in the role they are casting. Production manager

A production manager is involved with the planning, coordination and control of the set. They ensure that goods and services are produced efficiently, and make sure that the processes run as smoothly as possible. This is important as the director and producer cannot do this extra work while coaching and directing the...
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