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Week One Student Guide

In Week One, you are introduced to organizational behavior (OB) as a discipline. You also learn about a number of individual characteristics of employees, and you review both the effects those characteristics have on organizational performance as well as management methods that best align with those characteristics. You will address specific employee characteristics, including attitudes and job satisfaction, emotions and moods, personality and values, and perception and individual decision making.

It is important to address the self-assessments at this time by identifying the people you would like to take these assessments. Remember that each person will need to complete several of these assessments for you to be fully prepared for Week Two.

Individual Employee Characteristics

OBJECTIVE: Evaluate individual characteristics of employees.

Resources: Ch. 3–6 of Organizational Behavior


Ch. 3: Attitudes and Job Satisfaction


What Are the Main Components of Attitudes?
Does Behavior Always Follow from Attitudes?
What Are the Major Job Attitudes?

Job Satisfaction

Measuring Job Satisfaction
How Satisfied Are People in Their Jobs?
What Causes Job Satisfaction?
The Impact of Satisfied and Dissatisfied Employees on the Workplace

Ch. 4: Emotions and Moods

What Are Emotions and Moods?

The Basic Emotions
The Basic Moods: Positive and Negative Affect
The Function of Emotions
Sources of Emotions and Moods

Emotional Labor
Affective Events Theory
Emotional Intelligence

The Case for EI
The Case Against EI

Ch. 5: Personality and Values


What Is Personality?
The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
The Big Fiver Personality Model
Other Personality Traits Relevant to OB


The Importance of Values
Terminal versus Instrumental Values
Generational Values

Ch. 6: Perception and Individual Decision Making

What Is Perception?

Factors that Influence Perceptions

Person Perception: Making Judgments About Others

Attribution Theory
Common Shortcuts in Judging Others
Specific Applications of Shortcuts in Organizations

The Link Between Perception and Decision Making
Decision Making in Organizations

The Rational Model, Bounded Rationality, and Intuition
Common Biases and Errors in Decision Making

Influences on Decision Making: Individual Differences and Organizational Constraints

Individual Differences
Organizational Constraints

What About Ethics in Decision Making?

Three Ethical Decision Making Criteria
Improving Creativity in Decision Making

OBJECTIVE: Analyze the impact of individual employee characteristics on organizational performance.

Resources: Ch. 1 & 3–6 of Organizational Behavior


Ch. 1: What Is Organizational Behavior?

The Importance of Interpersonal Skills
What Do Managers Do?

Management Functions
Management Roles
Management Skills
Effective versus Successful Managerial Activities
A Review of the Manager’s Job

Enter Organizational Behavior
Complementing Intuition with Systematic Study
Disciplines that Contribute to the OB Field

Social Psychology

There Are Few Absolutes in OB
Challenges and Opportunities for OB

Responding to Economic Pressures
Responding to Globalization
Managing Workforce Diversity
Improving Customer Service
Improving People Skills
Stimulating Innovation and Change
Helping Employees Balance Work-Life Conflicts
Creating a Positive Work Environment
Improving Ethical Behavior

Coming Attractions: Developing an OB Model

An Overview
The Dependent Variables
The Independent Variables
Toward a Contingency OB Model

Global Implications
Summary and Implications for Managers

Ch. 3: Attitudes and Job Satisfaction

Global Implications

What Are the Main Components of Attitudes?
Does Behavior Always Follow from Attitudes?
What Are the Major Job Attitudes?

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