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By jjallday Oct 19, 2013 621 Words
Reflection Paper #1

Every semester when it comes time to register for classes, I always make sure to fill my schedule with what I feel will be most beneficial to my future success and career. I thoroughly examine what courses are available in order to get the most out of this crucial learning period in my life. This Sex Based Discrimination course was at the top of my list of elective courses I wanted to take for the primary reason that I knew it would be helpful on more than one occasion as I supplement myself into the working world. Prior to signing up for this course, I was fortunate to have taken a course on employment discrimination. This is what initially intrigued me to further my education in this area, but only briefly discussed sex discrimination.

Before signing up for Sex Based Discrimination, I decided to look online for articles on current event issues that have arisen in this area to familiarize myself with some present controversies. One article that I was captivated by, and which led me to sign up for the course, was an article written in the Business Insider entitled “Disney Sued Over Alleged Gender Discrimination On ‘Muppets’ Movie” by Tim Kenneally. This article really hit close to home because my fiancé works in the entertainment industry and what was described in the article could have easily happened to her.

In the article, the author reports how an Asian woman over forty years old is suing the film’s editor in the Los Angeles Superior Court. The woman is suing because she felt she was being put in an uncomfortable situation with the editor constantly interrogating her in regard to her personal life and family situation. The editor also used derogatory language towards her and other female employees which added to the uncomfortable situation.

This woman is a professional who has worked on many important projects and is constantly harassed by the editor because he does not agree with her situation. She has a family and the editor repeatedly interrogates her and says that she should choose between her family and her work responsibilities. She was told that she was being fired because her job was being eliminated, but in reality her job was going to a male who was exceedingly inexperienced compared to her.

After reading this article, I wanted to learn more about sex discrimination because I think it will be essential to my success and in protecting the people I care about most. The situation this woman was involved in could happen to anyone, but really highlighted a scene that could occur in my fiancé’s future. An incident such as the one that occurred in the article actually happened to one employee that my fiancé worked with. Although it was not as drastic, the employee was supposedly let go because of budget cuts. However, it was later found out she was being replaced by the nephew of an executive. She reluctantly found a new job quickly within the company on another set, which is why she decided not to file a suit. I am glad I was exposed to this article and real life situation that occurred because it fuels me desire to learn about this type of law. To know how to protect and advise the people I care about is what makes my life fulfilling.

I decided to go to law school in order to continue my education and to stand up for what I believe is just. As I approach the beginning of a legal career, I am pleased to be in this course so I can gain the vast knowledge needed in order to know that justice has been served.

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