Topics: Culture, Mass media, Seven mass media Pages: 3 (852 words) Published: June 10, 2014
In this book, we examine the history and business of mass media, and discuss the media as a central force in shaping our culture and our democracy. a. Critical process for investigating media industries and issues. i. Address key ideas including communication, culture, mass media, and mass communication. ii. Investigating important periods in communication history: the oral, Witten, print, electric, and digital eras. iii. Examine the development of a mass medium from emergence to convergence. iv. Learn about how convergence has changed our relationship to media v. Look at the central role of storytelling in media and culture. vi. Discuss two models for organizing and categorizing culture: a skyscraper and a map. vii. Trace important cultural values in both the modern and postmodern societies. viii. Study media literacy and the five stages of the critical process: description, analysis, interpretation, evaluation, and engagement. Often, culture is narrowly associated with art, the unique forms of creative expression that give pleasure and set standards about what is true, good, and beautiful. (Can be viewed more broadly as the ways in which people live and represent themselves at particular historical time.) Communication: the creation and use of symbol systems that convey information and meaning (e.g. languages, more code, motion pictures, and one-zero binary computer codes). a. Culture, therefore, is a process that delivers the values of society through products or other meaning making forms. b. Culture inks individuals to their society by providing both shared and contested values and the mass media help circulate those values. There eras, which all still operate to some degree, are oral, written, print, electronic, digital. a. The mass media are the culture industries-the channels of communication-that produce and distribute songs, novels, TV shows, newspaper, movies, video games, internet services, and other cultural products to large numbers of people....
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