Mba Notes for Sem Ii

Topics: Scientific method, Research, Science Pages: 4 (506 words) Published: February 5, 2013

Research Methodology Syllabus
Relevance & Scope of Research in Management. Steps involved in the Research Process. Identification to Research Problem Identification & Types of Research Variables. Research Design Data Collection Methodology Secondary Data Collection Methods Analysis Techniques - Qualitative & Quantitative Research Report writing. Computer Aided Research Methodology - Overview

Business Research
BUSINESS RESEARCH is a, In today’s scenario can we afford gut based decisions….?? * Systematic and * Objective, way of 1) Gathering, 2) Recording and 3) Analyzing data for aid in decision making

Business Research
All Functions of an organization. Gut Based to Systematic Approach.

Definition suggests:
Data to be collected systematically. The research must be objective. It is an aid to decision making and not substitute to it.

Business Research
Basic Research
To expand the knowledge about a subject or validate a theory/hypothesis.

Applied Research
To find solutions to a specific problem (activity, course of action or a policy).

Scientific Method
Techniques to analyze the collected data to deduce inferences.

Relevance of Business Research
It reduces uncertainty in the decision making process, by providing information. Steps: Identifying Problems and Opportunities. Diagnosing and Assessing Problems or Opportunities Selecting and Implementing a Course of Action Evaluating the Course of Action. Evaluation Research To evaluate whether the course has met its objective

Performance Monitoring Research
To monitor the option at each step and gather feedback for improvement.

Types of Firms
Product Oriented Production Oriented Marketing Oriented

Need for Business Research
Time Constraints. Availability of Data. Nature of Decision. Benefits V/s Cost

Major Research Application Areas
Sales / Marketing Research. Financial and Accounting Research. General...
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