Marketing Research Tools Paper

Topics: Qualitative research, Scientific method, Research Pages: 4 (1095 words) Published: April 29, 2010
Research Methodologies
Many companies use different research tools when conducting primary and secondary research. This paper will discuss the several research tools used and discuss the differences in primary and secondary research when using qualitative and quantitative approaches. Once that has been established, there will be discussion as to which tools are used for each approach and why. Primary Research

Primary research also called field research is the most common approach. Primary research is surveys, which can include questionnaires and observation methods. These survey methods include by mail, telephone, e-mail and personal interviews. Questionnaires for research purposes are composed of questions that structured for respondents answers for interview purposes. Observation methods are actions closely examined with no direct contact. The main reason a company would conduct primary research would be to obtain new information through controlled experiments or studies. The surveys are to understand how the customer feels about the product and gain insight on possible improvements. Questionnaires are information needed for data requirements. An observation avoids the problem and observes the reaction. Cost of primary research is expensive because new information is obtained. Advantages of primary research are quick analysis and these methods allow information to reach a larger population. Disadvantages are that it is costly, respondents may interpret things differently, and no way to know if a person answering honestly and response rate may be low. Secondary Research

Secondary research is another way of conducting marketing research; however, it differs from primary research as someone else has already put the information together. Some people think of it as “secondhand” information (Oldham Sixth Form College, 2005). Secondary research is also known as desk research. The main reason for secondary research is to examine and identify what other people...
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