Making a Trifold Brochure Using Microsoft Word

Topics: Word processor, Page layout, Microsoft Word Pages: 4 (964 words) Published: February 17, 2014
Creating a Tri-Fold Brochure Using
(adapted from an article by Jeff Davis of ZDNet)

Your word processing program can do much more
than print documents in portrait or landscape
orientation. Using a simple three-column page
design, you can turn your word processor into a
desktop publisher without spending a dime. It's
simple to do and the results are great.
In this lesson, you will learn how to create an
effective, low-cost, professional-looking tri-fold
pamphlet, using the do-it-yourself method.
Like any other construction project, creating a
successful brochure requires planning before the
actual execution. So before dragging out the
hammer and nails, you should have a fairly good
idea of how you want your tri-fold to look. You'll
want to take the practical aspects of laying out your
pamphlet into account.
Decide what information to include, which pieces
are the most important, and where you'll place them.
You can also gather a few examples of different
brochures that you find appealing and use them as
a guideline.
Next, determine how you want your pamphlet to
look -- even draw a quick sketch before you actually
get started. This will help you visualize where the
pieces of information will fall when you actually fold
the paper.
The practical aspects aren't the only ones you need
to concern yourself with. After you've decided what
to include, you'll want to consider the brochure's
visual appeal. You may want to glance at a design
book to familiarize yourself with the different visual
concepts for creating a pamphlet and also to learn
the basic dos and don'ts when designing a tri-fold.

Basically, don't get carried away with extreme
borders, multiple fonts, shading, graphics, and so
on. Less is more, but you can still have fun with it.
Well, that takes care of the preliminaries. Let's move
on to the mechanics of creating a tri-fold pamphlet.
Since the key to building a tri-fold is Word's column
feature, we'll start...
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