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Triptych Paper

By ayahzid Sep 11, 2013 737 Words
Ted Miller
Triptych Paper
English II
Mr Racine


I am Ted, born and raised in the voluminous cities that make Atlanta. Born to father Ras AriEl and Mother sovereign Donett. Mother, born in the young town of Westmoreland, youngest of 4 sisters, raiser of two brilliant children unaided, is soon to be a lawyer in Jamaica. Father, born and raised in the brobdingnagian city of Brooklyn, New York, oldest of his siblings, is now living as a great Ras in West Africa. Aushaun, great alluring sister of Ted,Triumphant in volleyball, track, and swimming, oldest of 3 siblings, is the conductor of siblings. Kaya, youngest of 3 siblings, born Ras AriEl but no to sovereign Donett, is the newest member of the great dynasty. I, Ted Miller, middle of siblings, triumphant in basketball, swimming, tennis, football, and track, and excellent in every aspect of life, am destined for even more greatness than i have already achieved.

The kings and queens of my dynasty start with Grand Sir Miller and his wife, the elegant Madame Yvonne Miller. Sir Miller, father of 3 daughters -- Dian, Donett, and Maxine, grandfather of 4 greats, is currently building a new kingdom in Jamaica. On the other side the dynasty, there is Grand Sir Murphy and his wife Ms. Murphy. Sir Murphy, Trinidad born, father of Ras AriEl and Marjorie, currently resides as an accountant in grand city Austin, Texas. ………………………………………………………………………………………………

Being a hero does not require a social aspect. If you look at batman and Iron man. Iron man is a rich luxurious man who has a knack for engineering weapons. He never had any intention for helping people when he first made the suit, he just wanted to escape from captivity and ended up helping people. In beowulf, Beowulf might be doing all these heroic deeds to make himself look good, but in the end he is still helping the people. Bruce Wayne is  an American billionaire playboy, industrialist, and philanthropist. people don't know this but he uses a lot of his money to help other. He spends a lot of his money in batman: even though is not very special. The difference between Batman and Beowulf is that Batman he doesn't make himself look good because he doesn't reveal his identity. Most stereotypical heroes cannot reveal their identity, therefore not gaining any fame. Beowulf , on the other hand, does heroic stuff, but gloats about it, which makes him seem less heroic. Even todays modern heroes, like people who aid the poor, do not get fame and riches; which makes beowulfs case debatable. beowulf is technically a hero because he benefits the people greatly, but if his humbleness was compared to a man who won the lottery and a self made billionaire -- he would have won the lottery and lied about how he got his riches. ………………………………………………………………………………………………

A very interesting fact i have found at is that water is used very much throughout the epic; including the swim Beowulf took from Geatland to Denmark and how Beowulf fought Grendel's mother under water. Another symbol is that Hrothgar's Mead hall is called Heoret. Heoret means male deer, which is an elegant animal but is also prey. “Perhaps this is a little hint to us that Hrothgar's hall is destined to be attacked, again and again, by the local man-eating demon, Grendel. ” - The setting of the epic can be very confusing because it has always been told as a story from a distant past. So for what we understand Beowulf happened in the 5th or 6th century in Denmark and Sweden. “Beowulf was first told in Anglo-Saxon England sometime between the 8th and 11th centuries” - Beowulf is said to be strong, courageous and always stands by his word. he is supposed to be doing all his good deeds for the good of the people, which i don't agree with. “ the hero of all heroes” - Hygelac must also be very special to Beowulf, as said at, he would give all of his riches to Hygelac if anything happened to him. He would rather give it to the King than Wiglaf, his noble warrior. Wiglaf is stated to be Beowulf's aid when he is fighting a dragon. Beowulf has gotten old and depended on Wiglaf. “ Beowulf's relationship with Wiglaf is parallel to his relationship with Hrothgar in the past”. ……………………………………………………………………………………………

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