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Topics: Film, Christopher Nolan, Film noir Pages: 4 (1549 words) Published: February 6, 2015
The Great Inception
James C Vincent II
Mr. Purkiss
English Comp II
3 February 2012
The great Inception
The Science fiction action film Inception was written and directed by Christopher Nolan. Christopher Nolan is most known for the Dark Night. The concept of the movie was written in 2001 but was released in 2010. Inception was filmed in 6 different countries including the United States. The main character is played by Leonardo DiCaprio. The weekend opening the film made 62.7 million dollars. It was the sixth highest grossing films of the United States. While being mainly a science fiction film the genre often switched to a heist film. Bits of the film were film noir. Overall the film was rated an 86 out of 100 from movie critic’s rotten tomatoes. Inception is my favorite movie because it has more to offer then any other movie. Inception has unique morals, a good concept and a well written movie. First one of the unique morals in Inception was that everything that is created was first just an idea. Everything as from the tires on a car to the internet started as just an idea. In the movie the main character navigates through dreams with his thoughts and ideas. He uses his ideas as tools to accomplish his tasks. For example our personal goal wouldn’t ever exist if we didn’t mentally plan them. It is Similar to how you’re dressed or how your room looks. It was at first an idea. The main point to the moral in the movie is that if you can mentally set goals, you can find a way to complete them. The second moral is that everything you experience has a main cause. In the movie the main character Cobb didn’t address the root cause. He promised her to spend his lifetime with her. Later on, he could not keep the promise. So, he planted a seed in his wife’s head to believe that the world is an illusion. Through the rest of the movie he would regret because he remembered telling her that he would be there forever. By avoiding the root causes it created a different...
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