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Question 1

During Milestone 1, I have contributed to the team work by taking an active part in the discussions, via email and the team forum, during the initial attempts to decide roles, responsibilities and the team rules.

As the Milestone progressed and the activities demanded that team members produce an output for collating into the team deliverable, I took an active part, producing a spread sheet and using the tools, Googledocs, which the team prefer for the combined tasks.

To collate and produce the team submission for Milestone 1, we needed to get together to discuss all the submissions and combine them into a single document. Gary Webb arranged a conference call, using Skype, which I attended. During the conference call, people were allocated tasks to complete the team responses for questions 3 and 4, and I volunteered to draft the response for question 4.

Deadlines were set for the delivery of the draft responses so that the rest of the team had sufficient time to review and update them. In the spirit of team work, I managed to deliver my initial draft a day early to ensure that the team had more time to review it.

The final item for Milestone 1 was to review the final responses for questions 3 and 4 and provide sign off before the deadline, again I completed both tasks as requested.

Question 2a

Having read the resource sheet, Team Organisation, my impression is that the team assumed more of a hierarchical team structure during milestone 1 (M2583, TO). Only two roles, Team leader and Report co-ordinator, were suggested in the Team Rules wiki page (M253 Team wiki, 2011) and the roles and responsibilities were never assigned across the team apart from the team leader (Webb, 2011).

Based on the points above, I never assumed any formal role within the team, rather I’ve been a team member, performing tasks as required during the progression of the milestone. Not having a defined role has made it difficult to reflect and measure how...

References: M253 Team wiki (2012) Team Rules [online], http://learn2.open.ac.uk/mod/ouwiki/view.php?id=8943&group=512&page=Team+Rules (Accessed 13 January 2012)
Taylor, M (13 November 2011) ‘Welcome to M253’, message to M253 Team.
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