Lexicology Lecture Notes

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Lecture I. Lexical units: their properties and specific features

1.Lexicology; a myth or reality. The object and the subject matter of lexicology. 2.Lexical units: their properties and specific features.
3.The description of the lexicon in generative grammar.
4.The function of lexical units. Nomination (verbalization) processes: causes, ways, types and results. 5.Motivated versus non-motivated lexical units.
6.The word – why? Why is the word a necessary condition of language?

Recommended Reading

1. Arnold I.V. The English Word/ И.В. Арнольд. Лексикология современного английского языка. Изд. 3-е – М. : Высшая школа, 1986. – C. 9 – 26 2. Ginzburg R.S., Khidekel S.S., Knyazeva G.Y., Sankin A.A. A Course in Modern English Lexicology – M. : Higher School Publishing House, 1979. – P. 5 – 11 3. Смирницкий А.И. Лексикология английского языка. – М.: Изд-во литературы на иностр. языках, 1959. – С. 5 – 47. 4. Харитончик З.А. Лексикология английского языка. – Минск: Вышэйшая школа, 1992. – С. 5– 26. 5. Языковая номинация (Общие вопросы). – М.: Наука, 1977. 6. Языковая номинация (Виды наименований). – М.: Наука, 1977. 7. Weinreich U. Soviet and East European Linguistics. Current Trends in Linguistics. In: Readings in Modern English Lexicology) C.С. Хидекель, Р.З.Гинзбург, Г.Ю. Князева, А.А.Санкин. Английская лексикология в выдержках и извлечениях. – Л.: Просвещение Ленинградское отделение. 1969. – P. 6 – 8. 8. Quirk R. The Use of English. – In: Readings in Modern English Lexicology. C.С. Хидекель, Р.З.Гинзбург, Г.Ю. Князева, А.А.Санкин. Английская лексикология в выдержках и извлечениях. – Л.: «Просвещение» Ленинградское отделение. 1969. – P.56 – 62 . 9. Weinreich U. Languages in Contact. – In: Texts on Lexical Semantics. Reader in English Lexicology. Minsk State Linguistic University, 1998. – P. 61– 65 10. Spencer A. Morphological Theory. An Introduction to Word Structure in Generative Grammar. – Oxford: Blackwell Publishers, 1993. – Part I. Ch. 1. The domain of morphology. Ch.2 Basic concepts and pre-generative approaches. – P. 3 – 61. 11. Beard R. The Indo-European Lexicon. A Full Synchronic Theory. Amsterdam, N.Y., Oxford:North-Holland Publishing Company. 1985. – Ch.1. Evidence of Words and Lexicons. Ch.2. The Functions and Properties of the Lexicon. – P. 11– 51.

Key words: lexicon (vocabulary, word-stock, lexis), lexicology, word, morpheme, sentence/ utterance, production/ reproduction, motivation, arbitrariness, dictionary, naming (nomination, verbalization).

In British or American universities students who major in linguistics study no such science as lexicology. In textbooks on linguistics widely used there (see, e.g. [], []) there is no chapter which can be attributed as having to do with lexicology. Though this does nor indicate by all means any lack of interest in the study of the lexicon on the part of our British and American colleagues, lexicology as a science seems to be an invention of the Soviet school of thought, of the Soviet tradition within which one can easily find a diversity of lexicologies: e.g. lexicology of the Russian language by N.N. Shansky [], lexicology of the German language by I.I.Chernysheva and M.D.Stepanova [], lexicology of the French language by Z.N.Levit [], lexicologies of the English language by A.I.Smirnitsky [], I.V.Arnold [], R.S. Ginzburg, S.S.Khidekel, G.Y.Knyazeva, A.A.Sankin [], Z.A.Kharitonchik [], L.M.Lescheva [] to name but a few. Recently the idea of a special discipline which aims at the all round description and study of the vocabulary of a language, its development, structure and use has caught up and today we are witnesses to an Outline of English Lexicology [] written by an outstanding German linguist Leonard Lipka [], to a course in lexicology at Exeter University in England and many other suchlike developments in various corners of the world. But with or...
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