Learning Logo Design from Fast Food Restaurants

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Learning Logo Design from Fast Food Restaurants

All of us have at least one fast food restaurant where we have eaten at regularly for many years. Just the sight of the logo of our favorite fast food joint is enough to draw forth feelings of happiness and to make us sentimental.

So what do you think makes the logo of fast food establishments powerful and highly effective? Let’s look into the logos of a few famous restaurants.

Your logo doesn’t have to be witty all the time.

As designers, we sometimes pressure ourselves too much so we can come up with a visual double entendre. Does your logo have to be that clever all the time? Not really.

Sometimes, you can take the organization’s name literally and from there create an icon that will become memorable and easy to recall for years to come. Let’s take Domino’s Pizza as our example. It’s so painfully obvious to have a domino as a logo for it, but it actually works. The designer didn’t make the extra effort to try to infuse hidden imagery and make the domino look like the letter D. The logo is simply a simple and straightforward representation of the fast food joint’s name.

Inject your tagline into your logo.

When creating a logo, don’t immediately assume that people know what your organization is all about. You have to make your logo express something about your company so that viewers will have an idea of what it does or sells.

Business, especially fast food restaurants, usually have a one-liner tagline or slogan that is able to connect with their audience and convey with them their goals. While it can be a little hard to incorporate a phrase or a short sentence into your logo, sometimes it works for the best and helps your audience to quickly identify with your brand.

For instance, think about Subway’s logo. With the brief statement “eat fresh”, what do immediately comes to your mind? Probably vegetables, choice of cold cuts, cheese, and other healthy stuff. It works, right?

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