Learning Diary

Topics: Emotion, Psychology, Personality psychology Pages: 5 (1037 words) Published: September 2, 2013
Learning Diary

Class 1
Date – 27/06/12
The following topics were discussed in the class –
* Managers – Individuals who achieve goals through other people. * Management can be divided into four major functions – Plan, Organise, Control and Lead. * Piece Rate Reward System is a system which rewards the employee according to the number of units produced. * Organization is a structured social system consisting of groups and individuals working together to meet some agreed on objectives. * Organizational Behaviour can be defined as understanding, prediction and management of human behaviour in organizations. * We study impact of humans, groups and structure on working of organization and apply the same for more efficient working. This lecture enabled me to understand the basic definitions of HBO and also the conceptual and practical aspects of HBO. Class 2

Date – 02/07/12
The following topics were discussed in class –
* Mintzberg’s Managerial Roles were explained and discussed. They included interpersonal, informational and decisional roles. * Allocation of activities by time for different types of managers – Average, Successful and Effective. * The breakups included time spent in traditional management, communication, human resource management and networking. * Basic OB model moving from individual level to group level to organization systems level. We also studied variables involved with all these levels. * A video of Simon Foster and his organisational crisis was shown. This lecture exposed me to some existing theories in HBO. It also taught me how to effectively develop an OB model based on various levels and its application in an actual scenario.

Class 3
Date – 04/07/12
The following topics were discussed in class –
* Analysis of video shown in last lecture was submitted as homework. * Diversity in organizations.
* Case - “Data Will Set You Free”
Through the case and its analysis I learnt hard and soft metrics. I also learnt GE’s nine box performance matrix developed by Mckinsey for the purpose of evaluating employees in terms of their potential and actual performance. Class 4

Date – 09/07/12
The following topics were discussed in class –
* MBTI test
* Personality and different types – ideal, actual and projected. * Trait theory on which most leadership theories are based. * Freud’s Psychodynamics
* Introvertion & Extrovertion; Intuition & Sensing; Judging & Perceiving; Logic & Feeling I came to know about my personality type and compared my personality traits to those provided as a general set of traits for particular groups. I also read about Freud’s theories which although widely quoted are never completely interpreted or analysed. Class 5

Date – 11/07/12
The following topics were discussed in class –
* Major personality attributes
- Locus of Control
- Core Self Evaluation
- Machiavellianism
- Narcissism
- Self Monitoring
- Risk Taking
- Type A personality
* Big Five
I learned the major personality attributes and understood the various interpretations of each due to the long and varied discussions in class.

Class 6
Date – 16/07/12
The following topics were discussed in class –
* Type A v/s Type B
* Types of values – terminal and instrumental.
* Rokeach Value Survey
* Personality Job Fit
* Personality Organisation Fit
* Hofstede’s Framework for Assessing Cultures
* Attitude + Value + Personality = Behaviour
I learnt about the various types of values and deciphered how to apply it for efficiently identifying a person’s match with the organisation’s culture and ethical standards. I also studied Hofstede’s framework and found it either lacking or grossly incorrect in many places. Yet it provided a great insight into the various values existing within different cultures and ethnicities. Class 7

Date – 18/07/12
The following topics were discussed in class –
* Types of values...
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