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Topics: Hazara people, Kabul, Afghanistan Pages: 10 (4215 words) Published: March 2, 2014
The Kite Runner
Chapter 1 – 5 (PP 1 – 47)
1. The novel begins with a flash black to make the reader aware of what has happened in the narrators past and prepares them for the story that is about to be told. It tells us how he is caught up in his past, how the event that took place in 1975 made him who he is and how he see’s kites flying and is reminded of his friend Hassan, who he calls a kite runner. 2. Hassan is the son of Ali who is the servant for Baba. Hassan is a childhood associate of Amir’s, Hassan is also a servant so Amir doesn’t consider him a “friend” although he is. Him and his father live in a shack in the back of Baba’s land. Hassan has a round face and a flat, broad nose. His eyes are narrow and slanted with gold, green or sapphire colouring depending on the light. He has low set ears, a cleft lip and a pointy stub of a chin. A cleft lip is a birth deformity where the lip hangs down slightly, is stuck upwards or looks like its been pulled off slightly. Hassans cleft lip symbolizes his poverty or lower class over Baba and Amir. Baba’s father adopted Ali when his parents were killed when he was 5 which is how Baba and Ali were friends, they grew up together and now their sons are just as they did. There is always that separation of normal and servant but that didn’t stop either of the pairs to not associate with each other. Hassan’s first word was Amir. This is important because it shows how much Hassan loves and looks up to Amir, yet what was to come from Amir later on would change that. What contrasts the two boys is that Amir is a Pushtun and Hassan is a Hazara which will always separate the two. Amir has a right to an education and Hassan does not, he is just a servant. 3. Hazaras are a minority group of lower status in Afghanistan, they’re usually the servants and considered a disgrace compared to Pashtuns. Ali, Sanaubar and Hassan are Hazaras in the book so far. 4. A Pashtun or Sunni Muslim are a majority group and are of the upper class is Afghanistan and are given a lot of respect compared to Hazara’s. Amir, Rahim Khan and Baba are Pashtun’s. 5. Amir describes his house beautifully because well it is. He describes every expensive detail from the marble floors to the semi-circle terrace that looks out to their 2 acres of land. Amir elaborates this because Baba has built the most beautiful house in all of the Wazir Akbar Khan district and he is proud of his father, his wealth and his heritage. The picture of Amir’s grandfather with King Nadir Shah reveals their families power. The photo of Baba holding Amir with his hand wrapped around Rahim Khan’s pinky shows that even then he may have been more like a father figure to him and more affectionate than Baba. The photographs show they have a strong and powerful ancestry. 6. Sanaubar is Ali’s wife and Hassan’s mother. She was the complete opposite to Amir’s mother, who was of royal heritage and a university teacher whereas Sanaubar was once a prostitute before and possibly during her marriage to her cousin and husband Ali. 7. Ali is Baba’s adopted brother, his friend and his servant and Hassan’s father. The neighbourhood kids call him “Babalu” which means Boogeyman, they also call his “flat-nose” because of his Hazaran characteristics and heratige. They call him Boogey man because of his expressionless face and his leg that caused him to walk funny. 8. In these chapters we learn Amir really wants to please Baba because he feels responsible for his mothers death and doesn’t feel his father loves him that much. He tries to do things that make him happy like go to a game of buzkashi but he witnesses a man being trampled by a horse and cries, causing Baba to feel a little ashamed of him. Baba wouldn’t believe he is his son if he hadn’t seen him being born with his own eyes. Amir admires Baba and craves the attention and affection from him but is usually let down by him. 9. Daoud Khan is the King’s cousin. He wished to establish a republic and succeeds...
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