Joe Louis

Topics: Joe Louis, Max Baer, Max Schmeling Pages: 2 (388 words) Published: April 23, 2012
Topic:Joe Louis

I. Introduction
A.Background - Joe Louis Barrow, the seventh child of Monroe and Lily Barrow, was born May 13, 1914 in a cabin in the cotton fields of Lexington, Alabama. While Joe was still a young boy, his father suffered a mental breakdown and later died.His mother later married Pat Brooks, a widower with many children of his own, and the combined family moved to Detroit when Joe was ten.

B.Thesis Statement- Joe Louis was a professional boxer during the great depression.
Louis has came to both represent and embody the complexities of racial politics and
sports. he was a good american who loved his family and put others before him.

II. General Information
A. DOB and DOD
1. Born on May 13 ,1914
2. Died on April 12, 1981

B. Family background
1. The seventh of eight children
2. born into a large and poor family
III. Career
A. Sport
1. professional boxer
2. Heavyweight champion from 1937 to 1948 and defended his title twenty
times in four years.
B. Nickname
1. “Brown Bomber”
2. earned it because of his quick devastating punches

IV. Accomplishments and loss
A. Notable Accomplishments
1.1937-1949 world heavyweight champion
2. 1993 he was the first boxer honored on the U.S. postage stamp.
B. First loss
1. Max Schmeling
2. He was humiliated and he didn’t want anyone to call him a champ
until he beat schmeling.

V. Final days
A. life after retirement from sport
1. Louis retired in 1949 after realizing that he was not a fighter he once was and he had financial troubles and was in government debt.
2. A few years after his retirement a movie about his life was filmed call The Joe Louis story.
B. Quotes
1. It doesn’t matter if you're rich or poor as long as you’ve got money.
2. “Louis is too good to be true and he is absolutely true”.-Ernest Hemingway

VI. Conclusion
In conclusion Joe Louis was a professional boxer during the great depression. he...
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