Cal Ripken Jr.

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The Great Cal Ripken Jr

In the book My Story by Cal Ripken Jr and Mike Bryan, it shares the stories of the great Cal Ripken Jr. Cal Ripken is considered to be one of the greatest baseball players of all time. Cal played on the Baltimore Orioles from 1981-2001 and was nicknamed Iron Man. The book talks about his successful life and the obsticals that he had to pass to get to being a Major Leaguer.

Cal Ripken Jr was born on August 24, 1960 in Havre De Grace and was raised in Aberdeen Maryland. His parents are Cal Sr and Violet Ripken and his younger brother’s name is William Ripken. Cal Jr and his brother got the love of the game of baseball from their father Cal Sr who was a Baseball player for the Baltimore Orioles but his career was cut short because of a shoulder injury. Shortly after his playing days were over, Cal Sr became a manager of one of the Orioles minor league teams. Whenever Cal Sr would get called up to a higher position Cal Jr was frustrated because they had to keep moving from place to place never really getting settled. While living in Miami, Neighborhood kids were making fun of Cal Sr. losing streak because the team was really bad so Cal Jr took mangos and rocks and threw it at them so that they would stop.

When Cal Jr was a teenager it was clear that of the whole family, Cal Jr liked baseball the most. Cal Jr would take every opportunity he could to spend time with his dad to pick at his brain of his great knowledge of the game of baseball.
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