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Topics: Computer programming, Programmer, Résumé Pages: 2 (348 words) Published: May 4, 2013
Job application letter
Hunan university
tianma apartment 2-3-228
post number:430082
May 2,2013

To:shezhen technology company
Ms.Helen white

Dear Ms.white:

Mr. Bill King,professor of intelligent science and technology at hunan university told me that you are seeking a programmer who is going to graduate.I am very interested in your company,and would like to be comsidered for the position.Enclosed is my resume. According to Mr.King,you are searching for a assistant to help to do the research about Image Based Flow Visualization.Tish field of computer has been my specialty throughout my undergraduate and graduate studies at hunan university.I enjoy team research as well as independent field work,and i'm eager to saaist you in whatever capacity best serves your interests. In this summer, I worked at 360 company as an intern.learning the day-to-day programming within the help of kindness workmates,and that make my programming skills improved very fast.To help pay for my education,I have worked several summers as a server.I am sure this job will give me a great help with improving skills and social ability. Please let me know when it would be convinient for us to meet,and I will prove myself available. You can reach me at:15388939833. Thank you for your consideration.

May 5,2013

Self Resume
hunan university
tianma apartment 2-3-228

Career Goal:a position in intelligent science and technology Experience:
• Worked as a volunteer in a computer company for several months,and be rewarded In the end of this year.
• Last year participated in the “lanjie”robert programming competition,and get a good result. • Wrote monthly column on a magazine named science.The title of my essay is:Image Based Flow Visualization. Education:

(2009-2011) • Studied in Qinghai chuangchuan...

References: and writing sample available upon request.
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