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Intellectual Property –
One of the most valuable and neglected property of yours!
You might be neglecting one of your most valuable properties! OR
One of the most valuable properties of yours!

If you ask someone walking down the street and ask him “What is a property?” Brand is a name, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller's good or service as distinct from those of other sellers. What is a brand?

* Brand is a name, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller's good or service as distinct from those of other sellers. Example: 
Coca Cola is a brand which is the intellectual property of The Coca-Cola Company. Apple is a brand which is the intellectual property of Apple Inc. * It is the most valuable fixed asset of any corporation. * Branding is a concept where consumers buy ‘the brand’ instead of the product. * Brand name, logo, design and any other attributes associated with it, are part of the brand and eventually part of intellectual property. * Brand is a part of intellectual property.

What is Intellectual Property (IP)?
* It is a legal concept, which refers to the creations of mind for which exclusive rights are recognized. * Creations of mind include:
* inventions
* literary and artistic works
* formulas
* symbols
* names
* images
* designs used in commerce.
* IP involves patents, copyright, trademarks, designs, brands etc. * It can also be defined as “information with a commercial value”. Types of intellectual property
* Trademarks, including service marks
* Copyright and related rights
* Geographical indications
* Industrial designs
* Patents
* Layout-designs (topographies) of integrated circuits
* Undisclosed information, including trade secrets
Categories of Intellectual Property (IP)
* IP is divided into two categories: 

1. Industrial property:
* inventions (patents)
* trademarks
* industrial designs
* geographic indications of source

2. Copyrights & Rights:
a. Copyrights:
i. literary works
* novels
* poems
* plays
* films
* musical works
ii. artistic works
* drawings
* paintings
* photographs
* sculptures
* architectural designs 

b. Rights related to copyright:
iii. performances of performing artists,
iv. producers of phonograms in their recordings,
v. Broadcasters in their radio and television programs. Copyright ©
* It is the “right to copy”, a form of “intellectual property” applicable to any expressible form of an idea or information that is distinct and applicable. * A legal concept in which a set of exclusive rights are granted to the creator/owner of an original work for a limited period of time to protect the originality of work piece. * They do not extend beyond the territory of a specific state unless that state is a party to the international agreement of ‘Copyright’. * It is moral and economic right of authors, writers, publishers, performers and producers of sound recordings (phonograms). * The duration of copyright protection is life time of the author plus 50 years thereafter. The Exclusive Rights of Copyright ©

* Only the copyright holder is free to exercise exclusive rights while others are prohibited from using the work without the copyright holder’s permission. * Major exclusive rights include:
* To produce copies or reproductions of the work and to sell those copies (including electronic copies) * To import or export the work
* To create derivative works (adaptation from original work) * To perform or display the work publicly
* To sell or assign copyrights to others...
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