Information System's Development

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Front-and Back office Information system

Front- office information systems support business functions that extend out to the organization’s customers (or constituents) -Marketing
-Customer Management
Back- office information systems support internal business operations of an organization, as well as reach out to suppliers (of materials, equipment, supplies, and services) -Financial Management
-Inventory Control

Information Systems Architecture

Information systems architecture- a unifying framework into which various stakeholders with different perspectives can organize and view the fundamental building blocks of information systems.

Focuses for information Systems
* Knowledge- the raw materials used to create useful information. * Process- the activities( including management)
* Communication- how the system interfaces with its users and other information system. *

System Owner’ view
-interested not in raw data bit in information that adds new business knowledge and information that help managers make intelligent decisions. -business entities and business rules

System users’ view
-View data as something recorded on forms, stored in file cabinets, recorded in books and binders, organized into spreadsheets or stored in computer files and databases. -tend to focus on the business issues as they pertain to the data. -data requirement- a representation of users’ data in terms of entities, attributes relationships and rules independent of data technology.

System designers’ view
-data structures, data schemas, fields, indexes and constraints of particular database management system.
System builders’ view
-DBMS or other data technologies.

System Owner’s view

Views of process (continued)
* System designers’ view
-concerned with which processes to automate and how to automate them -constrained by limitations of application development technologies being used....
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