independent and depentent variables of psychology

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PSY 150
IV-DV Exercise

* Independent variable – The variable that is manipulated to test its effects on the dependent variable. * Dependent variable – The variable that is measured to see how it is changed by manipulations in the independent variable.


1 Coach Jones has noticed that her players tend to shoot a higher percentage from the free throw line when they play away, rather than at home. Surprised at this trend, she and her assistants decide to test this by comparing free-throw percentages over the course of a year.

a Independent variable- Playing at away vs. home
b Dependent variable- Free throws

2 Mr. Feldman has noticed the students in his high school Biology class tend to do better on tests taken on Friday, rather than tests taken on Monday. He decides to test the hypotheses.

a Independent variable- Testing date
b Dependent variable- Testing scores

3 John, Wendy, and Sean, all avid fishermen, have noticed that they always seem to catch more fish when it is raining outside. They decide to test the hypotheses.

a Independent variable-The rainy weather
b Dependent variable- The chance of catching more fish

4 Tony has designed a study to determine if alcohol really inhibits one's ability to drive a car.

a Independent variable- Alcohol
b Dependent variable- Ability to drive

5 Does eating spinach really make you stronger?

a Independent variable - Spinach
b Dependent variable- Strength

6 Does staying physically fit increase your chances of living longer?

a Independent variable- Fitness.
b Dependent variable- Longer life.

7 Does taking classes in college really make you smarter?

a Independent variable- College
b Dependent variable- Intelligence

8 Is it true that animals that listen to classical music make happier pets?

a Independent variable- Classical music
b Dependent variable- Happy pets

9 Hypothesis: The taller a person is, the more likely they are to enjoy...
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