Hudson's Bay Company

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A) Virtualization is the first server virtualization in the first video. Virtualization uses a type of software called the hypervisor, which acts with the physical servers CPU. The hypervisor keeps servers unaware of other servers B) Para-Virtualization in the second one. In a Para-virtualization system the systems are aware of each other. This system doesn’t need as much processing power to manage its operating system. This whole system works as one unit. C) The OS-level virtualization approach uses the virtualization capability as part of the host OS and doesn’t use a hypervisor at all. All the servers are independent.

2) For a company like Hudson Bay Company it is important to use virtualization because they have lots of contact directly with their customers. Virtualization can help them stick to the deadlines that they set and perform more effectively. 3) A company that has a lot of information coming in and going out are more likely to use SAN because the information will be protected incase of an emergency and the system goes down. 4) It is hard to think of risks with virtualization because it was created to minimize risks. However, if the central server was every seriously damaged then this could possibly create major problems, like information loss. 5) Virtualization is considered green technology because it was created to cut down on cost and sources that were being used. When the sources of energy are being cut down then it is therefore saving energy and going green.
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