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HSC ancient history exam guide

By luv15 Apr 27, 2014 333 Words
Role of imperial women
A strong-minded woman was also able to influence general aspects of an emperor’s policy… in a very sense, the domestic history of the period is the history of those women.

Women and Politics in Ancient rome

Through marriage and children, these women often had significant political influence. Cambridge Checkpoints HSC Ancient History
Robert Skinner
Marriages - Ahenobarbus
a man who was in every utterly detestable

Role during the reign of Caligula
The enormous favours that he heaped on them at the beginning of his reign has a political purpose Caligula

3 sisters were included in the annual vows for his safety and in oaths of allegiance

Dio Cassius

Sestertius – a bronze coin of Caligula issued in AD 38, showing Caligula on the face and his sisters on the reverse. No coinage had ever depicted the sisters of an emperor – shows that he bestowed great honours on them in the beginning of his reign. The three sisters are depicted standing together. Agrippina, on the left represents securitas, meaning security. She holds a cornucopia in her right hand and his right arm rests on the shoulder of Drusilla. A cornucopia is a ram’s horn filled with fruit and flowers- symbolises plenty and associated with the goddess Fortuna. Dressed as honorary vestal virgins.

Role during the reign of Claudius
As soon as Agrippina had come to the place, she gained complete control over Claudius Roman history
Dio Cassius

She was beautiful and was in the habit of consulting him constantly Roman history
Dio Cassius

Agrippina completely dominated Claudius… behaving as if she were a partner in his rule Ancient Rome – Using Evidence
Pamela Bradley

From this moment, the country was transformed. Complete obedience was accorded to a woman The Annals of imperial rome

By marrying her, Claudius could both right old wrongs and immeasurably reinforce his political position Claudius

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