Guidelines on Space Allocation

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There are various laws and policies that govern the proper land allocation here in the Philippines. One of these is BP 220 or the act authorizing the Ministry of Human Settlements to establish and promulgate different levels of standards and technical requirements for economic and socialized housing projects in urban and rural areas from those provided under presidential decrees numbered nine hundred fifty-seven, twelve hundred sixteen, twelve hundred ninety-six and eleven hundred eighty-five. BP 220 was amended by the Housing and Land use Regulatory Board (HLURB) through the Board Resolution no. 700. The HLURB has the authorization to establish and promulgate different levels of standards and technical requirements for the development of economic and socialized housing project and powers to approve subdivision plans. Since it is a policy of the government to promote and encourage the development of economic and socialized housing projects, primarily by the private sector in order to make available adequate economic and socialized housing units for average and low income earners in urban and rural areas, minimum design standards and requirements for economic and socialized housing projects were made. The minimum design standards set are intended to provide minimum requirements within the generally accepted levels of safety, health and ecological considerations. Variations, however, are also possible as may be based on some specific regional, cultural and economic setting, e.g., building materials, space requirement and usage. These minimum design standards encourage the use of duly accredited indigenous materials and technology such as innovative design and systems, modular systems and components among others. The parameters used in formulating these Design Standards are (a) protection and safety of life, limb, property and general public welfare, (b) basic needs of human settlements (c) affordability levels of target market and (d) location.

In determining whether an economic and socialized housing shall be allowed, some guidelines shall be considered. First is the site wherein the availability of basic needs is not a problem, the Zoning Ordinance or Land Use Plan of the City/Municipality is conformed, it has characteristics assuring healthful, safe and environmentally sound community life and the site is served by a road that is readily accessible to public transportation lines.

In planning for the area, the project design should consider not only the reduction of cost of development to a minimum but also the provision for possible future improvement or expansion, as in the prescription of lot sizes, right-of-way of roads, open space, allocation of areas for common uses and facilities. Land allocation and alignment of the various utilities (roads, drainage, power and water) of the subdivision shall be integrated with those of existing networks as well as projects outside the boundaries of the project site, e.g. access roads set forth herein and should follow the standard specifications of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH).

In no case shall an area allocated for parks and playgrounds be less than 100 square meters. An addition of 1% increment for every 10 or fraction thereof above 225. The site shall not be subject to flooding nor situated in steep slopes. Sites On land allocation, there shall be no fixed ratio between the saleable portion and non-saleable portion of a subdivision project. Non-saleable areas shall conform to the minimum requirements for open space comprising those allotted for circulation system, community facilities and parks and playgrounds. Area allocated for parks and playgrounds shall be mandatory for projects 1 hectare or above and shall be strategically located within the subdivision project. Allocated areas for parks and playgrounds shall be non-alienable and non-buildable for community hall but buildable for basketball court. It shall be exclusive of those...
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