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GMAT® Critical Reasoning
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A lot of GMAT instructors recommend that to improve their score on the Critical Reasoning section of the GMAT, students should practice from LSAT Logical Reasoning questions. While overall this strategy is fine, one problem students face is that a lot of the questions on the LSAT are not representative of those on the GMAT; some have dubious answers while some are of a question type that is not tested on the GMAT at all.

To help students overcome this problem we, at Aristotle, have come out with compilation of 101 LSAT questions that are very similar to those that students are likely to see on the GMAT. All these questions have been compiled from past official LSAT tests (tests which are readily available in the public domain) and we haven‟t made any changes to these.

An answer key has been provided at the end of this booklet but explanations for each answer have not been provided. In case you want detailed explanation to a question(s) please post the question(s) on „Forums‟ section on our website – – and one of experts will revert within 24 hours of the same.

Good luck!

CR Practice Set - 1



1. Ann: All the campers at Camp Winnehatchee go to Tri -Cities High School Bill: That‟s not true. Some Tri-Cities students are campers at Camp Lakemont. Bill‟s answer can be best explained on the assumption that he has interpreted Ann‟s remark to mean that

(A) most of the campers at Camp Lakemont come from high schools other than T riCities (B) most Tri-Cities High School students are campers at Camp Winnehatchee (C) some Tri-Cities High School students have withdrawn from Camp Lakemont (D) all Tri-Cities High School students have withdrawn from Camp Lakemont (E) only campers at Camp Winnehatchee are students at Tri -Cities High School

2. More than a year ago, the city announced that police would crack down on illegally parked cars and that resources would be diverted from writing speeding tickets to ticketing illegally parked cars. But no crackdown has taken place. The police chief claims that resources have had to be diverted from writing speeding tickets to combating the city‟s staggering drug problem. Yet the police are still writing as many speeding tickets as ever. Therefore, the excuse about resources being tied up in fighting drug-related crime simply is not true.

The conclusion in the passage depends on the assumption that (A) every member of the police force is qualified to work on combating the city‟s drug problem
(B) drug-related crime is not as serious a problem for the city as the police chief claims it is
(C) writing speeding tickets should be as important a priority for the city as combating drug-related crime
(D) the police could be cracking down on illegally parked cars and combating the drug problem without having to reduce writing speeding tickets (E) the police cannot continue writing as many speeding tickets as ever while diverting resources to combating drug-related crime

3. Dried grass clippings mixed into garden soil gradually decompose, providing nutrients for beneficial soil bacteria. This results in better -than-average plant growth. Yet mixing fresh grass clippings into garden soil usually causes poorer than-average plant growth. Which one of the following, if true, most helps to explain the difference in plant growth described...
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