Diploma level 3

Topics: Discrimination, Self-esteem, Affirmative action Pages: 3 (587 words) Published: June 21, 2014
Unit 4222-303
Promote equality and inclusion in health, social care or children’s and young people’s settings

Understand the importance of diversity,equality and inclusion

1.Explain what is meant by-

Diversity can be defined as differences in mental capabilities, personal appearance, race, heritage, beliefs etc. Understanding that everyone is an individual and everyone has different needs.In the care setting i work in, clients have their own personal experiences and preferences, e.g food and activities, different attitudes, behaviour patterns. for e.g to staff: beliefs, race and intellectual ability. These differences make up diversity.

Equality is ensuring that everybody is treated fairly, equally and as an individual specific to their own needs.
Inclusion is to make an individual feel included, to feel valued and respected irrespective of their race, gender, personal appearance, sexual orientation etc. In my job role this is about making staff, clients and relatives/visitors feel welcome, valued and respected regardless of their differences. Helping them to feel part of the home and be given the opportunity to be included in all services, facilities, care and support available.

2.Describe the potential effects of discrimination-

The potential effects of discrimination can be different for different people. The effects can be physical, emotional or a combination of both. Some potential effects are- Having a loss of trust in services

Inflict- taking legal action, seeking advice, prosecution
Wider Society- to be discriminated against at work or finding work Feeling ‘Let down’
Weight loss/gain
Low self esteem
Self harm
Loss of motivation
Increased behaviour problems
Difficulty communicating
Feeling isolated

3.Explain how inclusive practice promotes equality and supports diversity

Inclusive practice promotes a person’s right to access to equal opportunities....
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