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To What Extent Godalming a Clone Town?
By Matilda Pegler
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Centre Name: King Edwards School, Witley, GU8 5SG
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Introduction to Godalming.
Godalming is situated in the centre of the Borough of Waverley in Surrey, England, 4 miles (6.4km) SSW of Guildford, it is 30.5 miles (49.1 km) southwest of London and is regarded as an expensive residential town, due to its visual appeal and easily accessible transport links. The question I am researching is 'is Godalming a Clone town?” The definition of a clone town is a place that has had the individuality of its high street shops replaced by a monochrome strip of global and national chains that means it could easily be mistaken for dozens of other bland town centres across the country ( Here is a map including the High Street, the nearest main road, the train station and various other attractions e.g. park, spa, restaurant and the river Wey I will be using various methods to reach a final conclusion as well as using the NEF survey and previous charts to answer the question and compare. NEF recently did a survey showing the around 41% of towns in the UK are clone towns I am going to find out if Godalming is part of the 41%. It is a small town with a population rounding to around 22,000; in comparison to Guildford (another clone town) with a population of around 67,000 it is very small. The benefits of being a clone town are people visit to shop as it contains major shops, but many people do not like the loss of individual Identity and feel that this comes with the 'clone town' label. Hypothesis: I believe that Godalming is on the border of being a clone town, however it is in the process of gaining a clone town title, but has not been globalised/industrialised enough to call it one yet. If the town continues its chain shop growth then it will not be long before Godalming is an official clone town. I’m sure...
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