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Topics: Plum, Moon, English-language films Pages: 2 (917 words) Published: December 11, 2013
The Raccoon & The Squirrel (The Priest Story)
Once upon a time deep in the forest lived a raccoon named Simon who is a mischievous fellow that steals food occasionally from the farmer’s land. On every full moon Simon would quietly sneak into the farmer’s land and steal some of the ripe vegetables and fruits leaving his home unguarded. While Simon is busy stealing food, Ruphis the squirrel who recently moved into the forest noticed Simon’s daily routines and started to loot Simon’s home and takes little portions of food that he believed will be unnoticeable to Simon. During his looting Ruphis wonders how the raccoon is able to acquire such enormous amount of food that piles up his home and where does he receives it. After taking what he wanted Ruphis quickly checked his surroundings and left the premises, then here comes Simon trotting along in the forest to his home. When Simon arrives at his home he notice that there was something different about his home, but he just couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Then only thing that was on Simon’s mind was the plum tree that will growing plums in a few weeks since summer has arrived. He is anticipating the first plum that will ripe on the tree and its juicy flavor in his watering mouth. Since the last full moon Simon comes to the farmer’s land every night just to admire the plum tree and waiting for the first plum to ripe. Rhuphis notice this unusual change of the raccoon’s routine, he wonders what got the raccoon so caught up these nights for him to go every day. One night instead of looting Simon’s home Ruphis follows Simon into the farmer’s land. When Ruphis arrives at the famer’s land he was awestruck by the abundance of food in the farmer’s land. Ruphis finally realize where the sneaky raccoon got his food. Ruphis snaps out of the awestruck moment and frantically searched for the raccoon. Ruphis finally spots Simon sitting near a plum tree and faintly crawled over to where Simon was sitting. Ruphis was...
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