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What priorities should the HR team have for the first six months? In the first six months HR teams should have major priorities; these are to perform the functions of the HRM: * Manpower Planning

* Recruitment and Selection
* Training and Development
* Employer/Employee Relationship
Manpower Planning – means making sure that the business has enough workers with the right skills to do the job in the business. HRM should forecast future demand and calculate existing supply. The owner of the company or the assigned HR Manager of the company must estimate how many employees and what skills the business will need in the new French restaurants outside of France. If they have launched 25 new restaurants and employed nearly 1,000 staff each restaurant must have probably 40 employees that includes the Manager, Waiters/Waitresses, Chefs and other kitchen staffs. Manpower Planning saves the business money by ensuring that there are not too many workers employed. This will also reduce the business’s wages bill. Recruitment and Selection – means finding suitable candidates to apply for a job vacancy in the business. Then, selecting the best candidates from all those who applied. This involves preparing a job description and outlining the skills needed. When selecting candidates they will have to go through all the applications received and screen out those who do not meet the requirements of the job description and/or the specification. Setting up a Restaurant business, candidates may have experience working in a hotel or has an experience with banqueting. Training and Development – HRM must teach the new workers the knowledge, skills and attitude needed to perform their assigned duties. There are two types to train workers; On-the-job training and Off-the-job training. On-the-job training is training employees while they are performing their jobs. They learn by practical experience and observation. Off-the-job training is training employees outside...

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