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October 6, 2013


Being able to secure funding is a leading issue amongst most every human service organization it doesn’t seem to matter if the organization is for profit or nonprofit. Due to economic hardship funding sources seem to be few and far in between as far as availability is concerned. As a result of this many organizations have to put forth much more effort than others in an effort to compete for financial funding. Two of the major ways of retaining funding or grants and contracts most of these grants and contracts have specified goals attached to them. The Executive Director along with the appointed fund raising agents is designated to assign organizations to specific funders. It is there job to ensure the each party has the same goals and needs in common. It cost money to secure money therefore it is in the best interest of the organization in attempting to obtain funding to use labor wisely as well as making sure that time is well spent during this process. Poor management of time and labor can prove to be costly to an organization. There are regular donators who give monies and contracts on a regular basis to many of these organizations on an individual basis to help assist with many of the programs that they offer. Many of these donations or contracts are linked to a specific development and others for the functional budgets also known as the operational budget and then of course are the ones that are specifically for specified programs, these are set aside to be used only for these programs. UTMB University of Texas Medical Branch is a huge nonprofit organization in Texas that offers clinics for basic care, hospitals for extensive care, teaching facilities for nursing and physicians. UTMB is one of the world’s greatest teaching facilities for specialized physician care. In the area in which I live there are a number of clinics and hospitals under UTMB. Patients...

The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston Strategic Plan 2001-2005 UTMB).
Martin, L. (2001). Financial management for human service administrators. Needham Heights, MA: Allyn & Bacon.
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