Family Therapy

Topics: Psychology, Developmental psychology, Abraham Maslow Pages: 3 (604 words) Published: April 2, 2013
August 23, 2012 – Developmental Psychology
CEPA – present findings Atlanta March 14-16th The Omni SGA for presenting. Submission deadline is late October 9, 2012.
Textbooks can stay at home
PhD – GRE and research will be their main focus
Discussion on Theory and reading
Like/dislike {} what did you learn from it {} how does it build on what we already know. Test- if you think it is wrong challenge it in email to Dr. Berman, present evidence.- use faculty email. Analytical Papers- Single spaced

Conceptualization of case study is the way we view a person’s life through a theoretical developmental psychological construct.

5 particularly useful for case study
Bandura – social learning- modeling major role models. Enviornmental factors, personal factors. Voygotski – Bicultural, how culture made them who they are. Attachment theory – early attachment how it’s related to current personality. -Write them as a case conceptualization.

Give an alternative explanation of the results that makes sense to prove your side of things – Discussion

Can’t do an experiment to prove your point, because it isn’t always ethical (television example with more aggression). ‘

You said that violent media accounts for 60% of violent behavior- how do you come up with that type of statistic… how do you know what you don’t know….

Class Notes 08/23/12
Meta theory- theories about theories.
Organismic- have some idea of how the end product is based on the beginning (seed example acorn different than a tomato seed) Stage theory. Erikson, Piaget, Freud stage unfolding view. Mechanistic types- program, influenced by outside forces. Child = computer. If we study all influences we will be able to predict. Skinner -- Behaviorism. Information processing approach (long term and short term memory approach). No stages- environment is going to push you or shake you in this time. Bandura – early. Reward and punishment. Contextual- need to understand the...
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