Fair and Foul Beyond the Myth

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Beyond the Myths and Paradoxes of Sport Fourth Edition

D. Stanley Eitzen

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Acknowledgments 1 2 3 The Duality of Sport Sport Unites, Sport Divides Names, Logos, Mascots, and Flags: The Contradictory Uses of Sports Symbols Sport Is Fair, Sport Is Foul Sport Is Healthy, Sport Is Destructive The Organization of Children’s Play: Peer Centered or Adult Centered? Sport Is Expressive, Sport Is Controlled Myth: Sports Are Played on a Level Playing Field The Contradictions of Big-Time College Sports The Path to Success? Myth and Reality

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Professional Sports Franchises: Public Teams, Private Businesses The Globalization of Sport

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13 The Challenge: Changing Sport Index About the Author


My sociological approach to sport and other social arenas results in large measure from the contributions of a number of friends, colleagues, and collaborators over a career. They have questioned me, cajoled me, challenged me, helped me, taught me, enlightened me, and inspired me. They are (in alphabetical order) Maxine Baca Zinn, Pete Birkhofer, Jay Coakley, Jo Anne Drahota, William Flint, James Frey, Janis Johnston, Kenneth C. W. Kammeyer, Marston McCluggage, Michael Messner, Stephen Pratt, Dean Purdy, Julie Rauli, George Ritzer, George Sage, John Schneider, Kelly Eitzen Smith, Eldon Snyder, Elmer Spreitzer, Kathryn Talley, Doug Timmer, Prabha Unnithan, and Norman Yetman. Especially important to this project were the reviewers of the first edition, Mike Littwin, sportswriter for the Denver Rocky Mountain News, and sports scholars/sociologists/friends Michael Messner and George Sage. Thanks also to the anonymous reviewers of the second and third editions.


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Human beings seek ekstasis, a “stepping outside” of their normal, mundane experience. If they no longer find ecstasy in a synagogue, church, or mosque, they look for it in dance, music, sport, sex or drugs. —Karen Armstrong, historian of religions Sport is a window on a changing society. —David Halberstam, author For some people, baseball is like a religion. It has all the elements: a creation story, falls from grace, redemption,...
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