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Express Yourself Language Institute
Increased competitive edge • Improved self-esteem • Enhanced thinking skills

Many colleges and universities require foreign language study, and U.S. students from every degree-granting educational institution recognize the importance of fluency in a foreign language. The Express Yourself Language Institute (EYLI) is the premier destination for students wishing to get a head start on their language studies. Drawing on student enrollment patterns as well as trends in language skills sought by business recruiters, the EYLI programs continually evolve to serve our customers’ current and future needs. Although we started in a small office with a reception area and only two classrooms, we have grown exponentially over the years, expanding from a single location on the south side of Chicago to more than 20 locations in nine cities. Although initially we offered only courses in Spanish, we now offer courses in eight foreign languages as well as American Sign Language. Express Yourself Language Institute through the Years

YearNew CitiesNew Languages
2009TampaFrench, German
2011Albuquerque, BostonChinese, Japanese
TodayKansas City, Detroit, HuntsvilleArabic, Korean, ASL

Current Language Study Statistics
According to the Modern Language Association, the language with the largest percentage growth has been Arabic, growing by 46.3% and becoming the third most important language to learn for business. Other languages with significant increases to enrollment include the following: •Korean19.1%

Chinese 18.2%
American Sign Language16.4%

The main driver for the increased enrollment in EYLI and other language institutes is, of course, a heightened demand by employers for bilingual and multilingual employees. The table below lists the industries that are more likely to hire employees with knowledge of a second language, and the percentage of...
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