Topics: Internet, Spyware, Risk Pages: 2 (303 words) Published: November 13, 2013
1- Why is it less risky or easier to steal online?

- Hiding your identity online is easier
- Hacking can be done from anywhere

2- Explain why E-commerce site might not report a cyber attack crime

-Reputation is very important

3- 6 Dimensions of E-commerce security (slide 7)

4- How would you protect your company from DoS attack?
-Make the servers or website redundant
5- Name the majors point of vulnerability in typical website? Three key points of vulnerability in e-commerce environment: 1. Client
2. Server
3. Communications pipeline (Internet communications channels) 6- Why is adware or spyware is consider to be a security threat? Spyware may change the configuration of your computer. . For example, a spyware program may disable an audio device or change your desktop background, or it might collect online banking passwords and social security numbers stored on your computer. Adware may slow your computer and flood your screen with pop-up advertisements.

7- What are some activites that a company can do to stop or slow down attack threats?

8- Explain some of the modern day flows with encryption?
- Computationally slow, decreased transmission speed, increased processing time -Encryption or security slows down your pc
-Technology is becoming smarter

9- How does ur public key encryption works?

10- Comapring between firewalls and proxy walls?
Hardware or software
Uses security policy to filter packets
Two main methods:
Packet filters
Application gateways
Proxy servers (proxies)
Software servers that handle all communications originating from or being sent to the Internet

11- Is a computer with antivrus protected from antivirus?

12- Identify the 5 steps in security e-commerce plan? slide 39

13- What is tiger teams?

-companies that bring people to attack their system, to test their system.

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