Malware, Spyware & Adware

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Types of Malware
Malware Development Life Cycle
How do we get Spyware
How Spyware operates
Spyware effects
Man In Middle attack
Anti-Malware Techniques
From the early days of cracking passwords and stealing information from personal computers, to deadly Internet based attacks that can shake entire’s nation security, cyber crimes have evolved from the endeavors of entertainment by cyber kiddies to organized crimes and terrorist activities of cyber mafia. Virus Attacks, hacking, browser hijacks, spam, phishing and so on are various manifestations of malicious activities that have evolved on the internet in last couple of decades. Malware is one such tool that has emerged as a widely preferred choice to consummate criminal activities on the Internet. Malware is new genre of hostile software, written in a high level language. Normally they target technical vulnerabilities in the system. Spyware, adware, Trojans, virus, worms are very common form of Malware prevalent on the Internet. It propagates through emails, IM and other web services. It can be categorized into criminal and business malware. Criminal malware is used in cyber terrorism and vandalism; while business malware is used for business/monetary benefits. Spyware is a software program that collects personal information of the users without their formal consent. Unlike viruses and worms, spyware does not usually self replicate, or intrude into the system directly or spread from one system to another; instead, it intrudes into a system by deceiving the user or exploiting software vulnerabilities in a system. Once it gets into the system, its implications can range from disturbing to devastating. It propagates using personalization cookies, tracking cookies, Trojans, drive-by downloads, hacking and piggybacking. Malware:

Along with viruses, malware is the biggest threat today to the computer users. It can hijack the browser, redirect search results, serve up pop-ups and many more. Malware stands for “malicious software” and is used to identify all unwanted and potentially unwanted software. We can get infected by malware in several ways. It often comes bundled with other programs (examples include kazaa and i-mesh). These are usually pop-up ads, that send revenue from the ads to the program’s authors. Others are installed from the website, pretending to be software needed to view the site. Its most destructive feature is that once we are infected with the malware, it tends to multiply!! Earlier, it was mainly written for the destruction of computers and their data but now a days malware development is a big business. It is mostly used as a tool for extorting money out of its victims. In the form of rogue security programs, these are used to convince uneducated computer users to purchase the removal software from the same people who have written it. The types of malware are:

Adware- It is the class of software that monitors the internet use for known e-commerce sites. When a user attempts to reach a site, adware pops-up suggesting an alternate site which may or may not be legitimate. Porn Dialers- This software was used heavily during the days when modem was the primary mechanism for connecting to the internet. This used to silently disconnect a modem from its service providers and redial to another premium rate telephone number. The resulting phone number charges, usually that of far-removed countries, would be found by the user only on its next telephone bill. Backdoors- These are the software tools which are mostly used to bypass existing security mechanisms present in either operating system or any application. Exploits- It is a general term used to describe any software code that is specifically designed to take advantage of a known weakness in operating...

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