Topics: Social media, Sales, Customer service Pages: 2 (644 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Name: Jun Qi
Professor: Jeen S. Lim
Course: EBUS4040
Date: Oct 5, 2012
Describe the insight generation process used at Ben & Jerry’s. What benefits did Ben & Jerry’s achieve from utilizing the process?  Identify Ben & Jerry’s various Websites and social media networks and assess its online and social media presence. What recommendations can you make to Ben % Jerry to improve their management of online presence and social media activities?

Ben & Jerry is using BI(Business intelligence) tools to track all of their ingredients so when a customer calls with a concern or questions they can look up that specific pint of ice cream and where all the ingredients came from and correct this issue. They are using BI tools to meet the needs of their customers and to constantly improve their products. Ben & Jerry’s is using BI tools to ensure that they have the best ingredients in their ice cream and if in some rare case their ice cream isn’t perfect they can correct the problem quickly. Different areas of sales: US, Canada, Mexico, or Europe. I am not sure if they sell their ice cream in Mexico, but with data collection they can find out if their ice cream would be a better seller in the hot climate, rather than pushing for greater distribution in Canada. Where the sale was made, when the sale was made, and who purchased the product. This information can help in the design of the product to focus on the buyer; it can tailor flavors to seasons, and packaging to buyer who looks for the better-looking product. If Ben & Jerry's could know when a season was coming to an end in a specific area, then they could forecast the need or the decline in need and speed up, or slow down distribution to those areas. The focus of the information is that it needs to be useful, and almost any information is useful.

Ben & Jerry how is using its web site to build relationships with its customers. It must be a customer-oriented organization....
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