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1. This is the source of law based on the previous decisions of the Supreme Court. a. Legislation b. Judicial Acts c. Jurisprudence d. Traditions 2. The mass of good and correct conducts which springs from the generally accepted right or wrong within each region. a. Natural law b. Divine law c. Moral law d. Ethics 3. This is defined as payment for the damages done. a. Restitution b. Reparation c. Obligation d. Indemnification 4. An evidence that can stand-alone. a. Prima Facie Evidence b. Primary Evidence c. Secondary Evidence d. Inadmissible Evidence 5. The source of knowledge of Divine Law. a. Ethics b. Physical Phenomenon c. Morality d. Philosophical Theology 6. An obligation whose enforcement is not covered by the courts but one is obliged to enforce such based on morality, ethics and conscience. a. Civil obligation b. Criminal obligation c. Natural obligation d. Corporate obligation 7. Norms of human conduct. a. Divine Law b. Moral Law c. Natural Law d. Physical Law 8. The highest law of the land. a. Statues b. Executive orders c. Presidential decrees d. Constitution 9. This is the means, sanctioned by the Revised Rules of Court, of ascertaining in a judicial proceeding the truth respecting a matter of fact. a. Evidence b. Damages c. Litigation d. Penalty 10. A type of contract where in reciprocal obligation exists. a. Executed Contact b. Bilateral Contract 1 c. d. Consensual Contract Executory Contract

11. This is defined as contracting for or receiving something in excess of the amount allowed by the law for the taking of more interest for the use of money, goods or chattels or credits than the law allows. a. Usury b. Subrogation c. Novation d. Quasi – contract 12. It is the failure to observe for the protection of the interest of another person, that degree of care, precaution and vigilance which the circumstances justly demand, whereby such other person suffers injury. a. Fault b. Negligence c. Delict d. Usury 13. A type of contract an obligation. a. b. c. d. wherein only one party has Pure contract Bilateral contract Joint obligation Unilateral contract

14. This is the sum of money which the law awards or imposes as pecuniary compensation, recompense or satisfaction for an injury done or a wrong sustained as a consequence either of a breach of a contractual obligation or of a tortious act. a. Restitution b. Reparation c. Indemnification d. Damage 15. This is an act to adopt or approve an act done by another. a. Ratification b. Retention c. Approval d. Grantee 16. These symbols represent the radio and wireless communications, positioned one each at the four cardinal points of the compass in the official ECE dry seal. a. Lightning b. Dots and dashes c. Atom d. Electron 17. When was the order creating the NTC become effective? a. July 23, 1978 b. July 23 ,1979 c. July 23, 1980 d. July 23, 1981 18. The guidelines of compulsory interconnection of authorized public telecommunications carriers, took effect on ________. a. Feb 24, 1993

b. Apr 23, 1993 c. d. b. c. d. R.A. 7925 R.A. 3846 R.A. 5734

Mar 24, 1993 May 24, 1993

19. Which of the following is a valid ground for revocation of a professional license? a. Competence b. Honesty c. Ethical conduct d. Fraud and deceit 20. A facility made up of international transmission, switching and network management facilities, which serves as point of entry and exit in the Philippines of international traffic between the national backbone network and points outside the Philippines? a. International Gateway Circuit b. International Gateway Carrier c. International Carrier d. International Gateway Facility 21. This is the decree that created the Professional Regulations Commission or PRC? a. E.O. 546 b. E.O. 59 c. P.D. 223 d. P.D. 323 22. One of the requirements for a new broadcast radio station is the filing of petition for ________ with the NTC. a. Franchise b. Public convenience c. Permit...
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