Decision Making

Topics: Chlorofluorocarbon, Montreal Protocol, Ozone depletion Pages: 1 (341 words) Published: June 14, 2013
1.What issues would you take into account?

The stakeholders welfare, responsibility towards the society (in this case it can be identified as United States or as broad as the global inhabitants) which includes environmental issues, and also the ethics. For sure one more important issue is profitability or survivability of the firm. All of the issues mentioned earlier may be thought of as means for ensuring the long-run success of the company.

2.What major sources of uncertainty do you face?

The major sources of uncertainty include research and development, and market analysis. “Will the substitute product work and would it be working the same?” “Is the ozone problem really directly related to Chlorofluorocarbons, or a normal cycle has actually caused these observed recent changes?” Finally, “could Du Pont’s efforts really have an effect, and how much?” “Is this effect going to bring any profit for the company?” and as a market analysis viewpoint, “will the market and society accept them?”

3.What corporate objectives would be important for you to consider? Do you think that DuPont’s objectives and the way the company views the problem might have evolved since the mid-70s when CFCs were just beginning to become an issue?

DuPont’s views of the situation Of course have changed over time. Early on, the chlorofluorocarbon issue was basically ignored. DuPont was the largest CFC producer in the world with a 25% market share in the 1980s.This product was a less hazardous alternative to the sulfur dioxide and ammonia and was widely used as refrigerants in refrigeration, ACs, and medical inhalers for asthma patients. In March 15, 1988 NASA announced that CFCs were not only creating a hole in the ozone layer above Antarctica, but also thinning the layer elsewhere in the world. After NASA announcement, DuPont announced that it would begin to phase out the CFCs. It invested more than $500 million in this case and commercialized a family of refrigerants with...
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