Topics: Sun, Oxygen, Ozone depletion Pages: 2 (318 words) Published: September 24, 2013
Figure 2: Sample Essay
The Ozone Layer

PARAGRAPH 1 (DEVELOPED FROM THE CRITICAL QUESTION AND KEY TERMS) Problems with ozone can teach us about human effects on our environment. The ozone layer

is an invisible layer of gas that shields us from UV radiation. UV radiation is ultraviolet radiation, or rays of the sun that can harm living things. One problem today is that the protective ozone layer around the earth is being destroyed (PROBLEM).


PARAGRAPHS 2, 3 & 4 (DEVELOPED FROM SMALLER SUPPORTING QUESTIONS) In the past, the ozone layer protected the earth from UV rays. Now, the ozone layer is being

destroyed by CFCs (CAUSE), or chlorofluorocarbons which are chemicals used in products we use CFCs are used to manufacture cleaning products, foam in plastic containers, refrigerator coolants and spray cans.


There are several effects of this destruction (EFFECTS). First, physical harm such as skin

cancer and cataracts can happen. Second, there can be environmental damage to crops and also to plants in the ocean food chain. Third, weather patterns can be disrupted. In addition, the earth can be heating up; this is also called the greenhouse effect.


Several solutions have been tried (SOLUTIONS). First, here have been voluntary cutbacks

on the use of products containing CFCs. For example Macdonald’s stopped using foam containers. Second, alternatives are being explored such as HCFCs and third, world conferences and agreements are being held to find solutions and reach agreements on limiting the use of CFCs. However, some people still don’t think it’s a problem.


PARAGRAPH 5 (DEVELOPED FROM MAIN IDEA ANSWER & GENERALIZATONS) Therefore, people can harm the environment without intending to harm it or even believing it

is happening (GENERAL MAIN IDEA STATEMENT). However, they can learn about the situation by conducting experiments such as with balloons to show that oxygen can be changed to ozone, or can do research on...
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