Curriculum and Instruction Notes

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Humanists are concerned with the development of the individual. The curriculum is seen as the instrument that helps the individual to attain self-actualization. The curriculum will liberate and develop the individual.

Each individual has a self thus the curriculum should work to help the individual uncover his/her self.

Social Reconstructionist stresses societal needs above individual needs, thus they believe the curriculum should provide for the needs of the society. They believe it should focus on the culture, religion, morals and values. Thus the curriculum should be relevant for the society it is intended to serve.

The Academics believe that students should be exposed to the core subjects.

The body responsible for curriculum in Guyana is NCERD – National Centre for Education Resource and Development.

Process of Curriculum Development

The development process of the curriculum is usually described as cyclical meaning that is a continuous process, as non-static signifying that each stage has a purpose and as collaborative showing that each stage builds upon the other, and in some ways directs each other.

The process is basically a sum of all the processes that are thought through, written down, implemented and evaluated so as to achieve desired outcomes or objectives with a given audience.

Factors that influence curriculum development – another way of looking at this is by considering the factors which influences learning. * Child Psychology – abilities, interest
* Economics – industries
* Politics – funding for education comes from the government * Society – religion, customs, etc.
* Environment – concerns, pollution (healthy living)
* Technology – be aware of new inventions in technology and its usage.

Education policy document outlines objectives for every level of education.

People participate in curriculum development both at the school level, this includes teachers and at the national level. 1....
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