Criminal Procedures Extra Credit

Topics: Jury, Gideon v. Wainwright, Supreme Court of the United States Pages: 2 (439 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Criminal ProcedureName:_Kelyne A. Folefac _________
Chapter 11: Extra Credit - Due: May 7
Instruction: Please complete and submit a hard copy in class on Tuesday May 7 (10 points).

Chapter 11 Fill in the Blank

1. If the prosecutor files charges which are discriminatory in nature, the prosecutor has violated the _________Fourteenth___________ Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

2. According to the Supreme Court, prosecutors have enormous _____Discretion___ in determining what charges to file.

3. _____Vindictive________ prosecution is a prosecutor’s charging decision being improperly motivated by revenge.

4. Prosecutors have __Restrictions_____ from lawsuits arising from charging suspects with crimes.

5. _____Prosecutors_____ perform a valuable function; they reinforce the notion that a crime is an offense against the state.

6. In Oyler v. Boles the Supreme Court held that selective prosecution violates the ___________Equal Protection Clause________________.

7. Joinder refers to multiple charges and/or multiple _Individuals___.

8. The framers favored _____Grand Jury Indictments_________ in certain situations for fear that the prosecutor, a representative of government, could become too powerful in terms of making charging decisions.

9. Grand jury proceedings are intensely ____Secret__________.

10. A ______Grand Jury________ compels the production of tangible evidence.

11. Transaction immunity prevents future __Prosecution_______ for the subject of the compelled testimony.

12. Non indigent accused criminals enjoy the right to ________Affective___ assistance of counsel. Chapter 11: Matching
1. Match the term with the correct definition with the corresponding prosecutorial decisions. Write the Corresponding letter on the line provided. 1. selective prosecution__C___| A. situation in which the prosecutor either (1) brings multiple charges against the same individual in thesame trial or (2) brings charges against...
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