Social Assessment

Topics: Source, Morality, Sociology Pages: 4 (935 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Social Assessment Paper: (25% of Final Grade)

* Copy for peer review due on 5/6/13 (bring to class for in-class peer review) * Peer feedback due in class on 5/6/13
* Final paper due on 5/17/13 by 6pm to the D2L dropbox

1. To practice selecting and gathering relevant data for assessment. 2. To practice synthesizing and developing assessments.
3. To help address the following practice behaviors:
* Recognize the extent to which a culture’s structures and values may oppress, marginalize, alienate, or create or enhance privilege and power * Recognize and communicate their understanding of the importance of difference in shaping life experiences * View themselves as learners and engage those with whom they work as informants * Use research evidence to inform practice

* Utilize conceptual frameworks to guide the processes of assessment, intervention and evaluation * Critique and apply knowledge to understand person in environment * Substantively and affectively prepare for action with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities * Collect, organize and interpret client data

* Assess client strengths and limitations

1. Use the character presented in your role play groups as the primary source for this paper. Alternatively, you may watch a movie that has strong character development and select one of the characters from the movie to complete an assessment on. 2. Identify a scholarly reference that is related to the needs you identify as being of relevance to the character you are assessing. (Attach this article to your paper). 3. Use the scholarly reference to guide the development of your assessment, potential resources, and recommendations for intervention 4. Type an assessment using the following headings directly from Chapter 11.1 (Sheafor and Horejsi): Identifying Information, Reason for Report, Reason for Social Work Involvement, Source of...
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