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Era of Good Feelings Test

1. all of the following policies were apart of the Monroe doctrine except: the idea that the us would not help other countries of the Americas 2. the tariff of 1816 was the first in American history- to impose duties on foreign imports 3. in the election of 1824 the breakdown of the caucus system resulted in- the election being thrown into the house of representatives 4. all of the following were accomplishments of monroes administration except- the spoils system 5. under the provisions of the adams-onis treaty- spain ceded all of florida to the united states 6. all of the following were results of the Missouri compromise except- the tallmage amendment was enacted into law 7. in the 1830s
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which of the following events helped play a part in our acquisition of florida- Americas involvement in the first Seminole wars 10. which was a result of the war of 1812- a realization by many of a need to support a stronger federal government 11. what was the name of native American tribe forced on the “trail of tears”- Cherokee 12. Whigs felt Jackson abused his power as a president – called him “king” 13. john Calhoun was from which state- south Carolina 14. all of the following were apart of the convention of 1818 except- political harmony in the country with only one major political party existing 15. the period 1817 to 1821 became known as the “era of good feelings” because there was- political harmony in the country with only one major political party existing 16. according to the Missouri compromise, Missouri entered the union as a slave state and what other state entered as a free state- maine 17. how did eli whitney’s inventions contribute to Americas development in the 1800s- south diversified its economy 18. who was the last of the Virginia dynasty- james Monroe 19. the tariff of abominiations- tariff of 1832 20. what was the whig party’s major opposition to Jackson- they dislike his zealous use of …show more content…
the Webster hayne debates began over one issue by quickly switch to another. They switched from- the sale of public lands to states’ rights 24. early in jacksons first term significant conflict arose between Jackson and his cabnit over a scandal involving- the spoils system 25. the Indian tribe that most successfully resisted removal was the – Cherokee 26. 27. what did the second bank of the us do that brought about a chain reaction of bank failures in 1819- it authorized the treasury to accept only specie as payment for public lands 28. which of the following statements is true reguarding Andrew Jackson- his refusal to enforce the in Worcester v. GA set a precedent that threatened the balance of powers 29. the most significant proponent of the nullification doctrine was-john c Calhoun 30. although authorized during jeffersons administration, construction of this did not begin until 1815- the erie canal 31. during Andrew jacksons presidency, the common people gained political power through all of the following means except- the extension of the right to vote for some women and free blacks 32. the theory of nullification is based on the principle that- individual states may declare federal laws

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