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CP202 Notes
Website Design
There are two basic categories of website design:
* Ad-hoc
* Planned

Elements of a Website
* Content
* Structure
* Navigation
* Layout

* What do you want to say?
* Who do you want say it to?
* Why do you want to say it?

Websites are organized into different sections. Sections can be grouped by: * Topic
* Audience
* Metaphor

Let users know:
* Where they have been
* Where they are
* Where they are going

Layout should be:
* Clear
* Concise
* Attractive
* Uncluttered
* Not too long
* Easy to use

User-Centered Web Development
Users want a site that:
* Is fast and easy to use
* Has a minimal download time
* Has meaningful information or interaction
* Has minimal frustration
Website Design Lifecycle
* There are numerous models for website design
* Most are taken from software engineering design models
* We will examine the Lazar model described in the book User-Centered Web Development, Jonathan Lazar, Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2001. ISBN 0-7637-1431-3

Seven Stage Lifecycle
1. Define website mission and users
2. Collect user requirements
3. Create conceptual design
4. Create physical design
5. Perform usability testing
6. Implement and market the website
7. Evaluate and improve the website

Website Mission and Users
* What do you want to say?
* Who do you want to say it to?
* Why do you want to say it?

User Requirements
Learn about your users':
* Technologic status
* Content interests
* Design preferences

Conceptual Design
Decide on:
* Page layout
* Colour schemes
* Navigation
* Structure
* Content in more detail

Physical Design
Create the actual website:
* Using web development tools
* Hand coding
* Add server and client scripts
* Create graphics
* Connect to databases
* Perform functionality testing

Usability Testing
Perform tests on the website with:
* Members of the target population
* Get feedback on ease of use
* Identify problems
* Ask for suggestions for improvement
* Various hardware / software combinations
* Apple's Feedback Page
* Treasury Board of Canada
* Mactopia
* Feedback demo with CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart)

Implementation and Marketing
* The website goes live
* Advertise the site

Evaluation and Improvement
* Keep content up to date
* Improve functionality
* Improve usability
* Ask for feedback constantly
* Review entire website on a regular basis

Project Management
On a large scale project have:
* Clear objectives
* Specific responsibilities
* Documentation
* Progress reports

Website Mission
* The client decides the mission
* The designer decides how that mission should be expressed: * Know the client
* Examine the client's non-web based material
* Know the client's history

Why a Mission?
To set boundaries on:
* Size
* Time
* Cost
Important to avoid mission creep
* Definition

Types of Missions
* Informational
* E-commerce
* Entertainment
* Two or more of the above

Defining a Mission
* Create a written statement
* Define type of user interaction
* Define goals
* Dover, UK, Website Mission Statement
* A Website Mission Statement in Action
Gathering User Requirements
* Demographic Information
* Domain Knowledge
* Computing Experience
* Computing Environment
* Content
* Benchmarking

Demographic Information
* Get basic information about users (age, gender, salary range, education, etc.) * Questions should be appropriate to the mission of the website. * Do the users match your target group?
* Too...

Links: The Scenario
On Saturday, September 12, 2009, the Taxpayer March on Washington took place
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