Cover Letter

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Your Present Address
City, State Zip Code

Date of Writing

Name of Person
Title of Person
Organization Name
Street Address
City, State Zip Code

Dear Mr. / Ms. / Dr. Last Name:

Describe why you are writing: Include the position, field, or area to which you’re applying and tell how you learned of the opening. Include a brief statement about what is unique about your skills or experiences that would make you a good fit in the organization and the field. Also, offer a brief statement demonstrating specific knowledge of the company to which you are applying. Tailor this to each employer to demonstrate your interest and that you’ve done your homework.

Use this paragraph to demonstrate to the employer how your interests, education, and experience fit the requirements described in the position posting. Describe the qualifications that you think are most relevant. If you have related experience or specialized training, or specialized training, briefly mention it here. Think about all the transferrable skills you have gained in various jobs, volunteer experiences, campus activities, and research. Briefly summarize how those experiences are relevant to the position.

Refer the employer to your resume for further details about your experiences and qualifications. Reiterate why you want to work at that specific company. Offer your contact information and thank the employer for their time and consideration. If appropriate, indicate when and how you plan on following up on the submission of your cover letter.



Enc. (If you enclose a resume or other materials)
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