Consumer Behaviour

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MBA Semester III Marketing Management


Marketing Management

Note: Attempt questions from all sections as directed.

Section – A: Attempt all FIVE questions. Each question carries 06 marks.

[30 Marks]

Q1. What is consumer behavior? Why is it important to study consumer behavior? Q2. Discuss the concept of marketing. How is marketing orientation relevant to business? Q3. Discuss the difference between microenvironment and macro environment? Q4. Explain the influence of the internal factors on the consumer decision making process? Q5. Write short notes on:‐ a) b) Marketing Information System Marketing research

Section - B: Attempt all THREE questions. Each question carries 10 marks.

[30 Marks]

Q6. ITC food division launched toffee segment in December 2005. The market size for toffee in India in 2006‐07 was at Rs. 2400 million and it was growing at 13%annually. What sales forecasting methods would you suggest to ITC and why? Q7.What is Strategic Planning. What is the Relationship between Marketing and Strategic Planning Q8. Discuss the significance of segmentation, targeting and positioning in a company’s marketing strategy?

Section - C

[20x 2 =40 Marks]

Q9. In the Indian rural markets, consumers generally buy sachets / small packs of FMCG products. This also facilitates the process of trial for companies that sell their products to these customers. Traditionally, small, unorganized players dominated this market. However, now MNCs are increasingly focusing on the rural markets to increase their revenues. A regional player wants to find out what he should do to tackle competition from larger multinationals. What type of research framework will you adopt for this regional player? Keep in mind the social, cultural and economic background of the intended market while designing the research framework? Q10. Airtel ‐ Positioning (And Repositioning): From 'Touch Tomorrow' to 'Live Every Moment' In late‐2002, Bharti Cellular...
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