Consumer Behaviour

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Question 1

There would be an occasion where the consumer is not required to proceed through all the required stages of the Consumer Purchase Behaviour Model (particularly through the stages: need arousal and information search). This would occur under circumstances where the consumer is a loyal customer to a specific brand within a product category that does not require high involvement in the purchase decision. For example, this would be the purchasing of a particular brand of toothpaste (Colgate). If the consumer is already satisfied with the current brand of toothpaste he/she purchased, then the consumer would not be motivated to perform information search for another brand of toothpaste. Additionally, another example would include low involvement purchases such as soft drinks (Coca-Cola), if consumers are in the market after a soft drink with a Cola flavor Coca-Cola would be the brand consumers would purchase to fulfill that need.

As the two products mentioned in the above examples, Colgate and Coca-Cola are prime leaders within their product category. Hence, when a specific need or want is required (i.e. relieve thirst or morning hygiene) generally, the two mentioned brands would be within the consumer’s brand awareness, recall and recognition memory.

However, under circumstances where the consumer is not satisfied with the product offered by these two brands, the consumer would then be ‘’aroused’’ to engage in ‘’information search’’ to fulfill their needs and expectations.

Question 2

The sources of customer perceived value for an Apple iPhone would be: * Functional – the ability to produce and receive phone calls and text messages * Economic – reasonable price for a high quality and exceptional branded product * Social – Apple branded products reflect social status and image therefore leading to social inclusion * Hedonic – novelty

* Epistemic – user friendly and innovative
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