consulting company report structure

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My suggestion for your paper, for every objectives:
1. Describe the issue that Malaysian airlines face. It is IMPORTANT to identify problem so we can fix it as a consulting group. Identify how this issue doesn’t allow Malaysian to achive selected objectives. Ot can be politics, HRM issues, CEO misunderstanding, training, ….2. INCLUDE ALTERNATIVES, POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS, and RECOMMENDATIONS. (USE RESEARCH DATA, STATISTICS). Include detailed cost if the impovement will be implemented, ,…. how much Malaysia will charge its clients after that improvements for the services 3. Small conclusion

How the structure of organization will change?
what is the long term of this implementation? What if financial aid will not be provided in the future? Change Management
Define, plan and execute strategic organizational change, from both people and systems perspectives. Manage organizational transformations including restructuring, hiring, layoffs, consolidations and acquisitions. Performance Management

Teach performance management strategies and processes, focusing on ways to handle performance challenges, setting clear expectations, and creating development plans. Provide performance-based training and/or coaching to maximize contributions to the department. Perform "gap analyses" by identifying current skills/abilities and future needs. Develop strategies to close performance gaps.

Leadership Development
Coach individuals to improve their abilities to lead and manage. Instill the value of innovative leadership within the department. Teach conflict resolution skills to help leaders resolve and mediate conflict, as well as help leaders recognize the potential for conflict before it arises. Climate/Culture/Interpersonal Relationships

Improve communication channels within the department for productive cooperation/teamwork and to build trust and respect. Identify core values and establish interaction ground rules. Counsel individuals regarding work place behaviors.

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