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Social culture
(Social structure influent social culture)
The social culture affects Chinese food a lot in Canada. The traditional Chinese cuisine have changed in Canada turn into several cuisines in Canada, like non-Sinicized country( Indian Chinese food, Peruvian Chinese food, or Caribbean Chinese food), and of course Canadian Chinese food is also the important type of cuisine in every mall in Canada. (Darren, 2012)And with the immigration keep growing, the old-school Chinese restaurant opening more in Canada. We can say the social culture in Canada changed the type of Chinese cuisine because of meeting up the customer’s demand in Canada. From the article (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, 2012) the influence of social culture is based on the social structure. Nowadays, there are over 1.3 million Canadians of Chinese origin in Canada, we can imagine over the next two decades, the population of Chinese immigrants increase in a fast way, and the prospect for Chinese food in Canada is vigorous, the market is huge in the future. And the marketers should cater to the change of social culture and make some movement based on the cultural atmosphere. Economic

(The rapid development for china)
China is developing very rapidly in the last few years; the food consumption is also stronger. And traditional market can’t meet up the demand, after more and more food safety issues in china, the consumer prefer to buy imported products. The dairy products experienced the most significant growth (128%) in the past five years, (Packed Food Sales In China, 2010) and it’s a big market for export the dairy product to China. The growing economy not only affects consumer’s purchasing power but also open a big market for exporters. The article (Packed Food Sales In China, 2010) showed the food consumption has taken 35% of GDP in 2008 just behind the United States, with the income of middle class increasing, packaged food is a potential trend for the market,...

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