Chapter 19-Enduring Vision

Topics: Working class, Woman's Christian Temperance Union, Upper class Pages: 3 (655 words) Published: February 3, 2014

Chapter 19 Key Terms:

New vs Old Immigrants: The old immigrants be from da NW Europe. English speaking Protestant countries such as: Ireland, Germany, DA BRITISH, and ze Welsh. Da old protestants were willing to assimilate in the culture and peoples. The new immigrants are SE Europe. Non- english, more religions such as Catholics and Jews. They were from countries such as: Italy, Poland, da Slovs, Greek, Croatians,DA COMMUNISTS jk the Russians. The new immigrants didn’t plan on staying permanently. They planned on making money then going back.

Push and Pull Factors: Push-bad economy, famine, overpopulation, depression, religious persecution. Pull-wide range of jobs/good wages, religious freedom, cheap passage(steerage) Immigrants stayed in slums/ghettos until earned enough money Blacks stayed in segregated communities

Middle Class moved to edges of cities and along railroads, outlying suburban communities.

Political machines: bribed immigrants with jobs/shelters to get votes (Boss Tweed) trying to keep main political power; they alleviated a few problems. Tammany Hall Tweed did things gov’t couldn’t do in order to get people to vote him back, even though he charged far more than needed. (Central Park) Corruption=Political machines

YMCA: Young Mens’ Christian Association, gave young men shelter and food, expelled if did “forbidden behavior” or came in intoxicated. Only open to Christian Men so no woman and nothing else.

Salvation Army: like YMCA, started by Gen. William Booth

Social Gospels: true christianity commits men and women to fight social injustice wherever it exists; Washington Galdden urged church leaders to appease problems between companies

Hull House: Jane Addams basically houses for immigrants. She bought a mansion for immigrants to be house. Offered english lessons, pushed the government for sanitation.

Victorian Morality: a set of social grace accepted by privileged classes of England etc

Carry A. Nation:...
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